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Yeshua Second Chance Foundation


The Yeshua's Second Chance Foundation recognizes that the challenges to successful ex-offender re-entry include inclusion, equity, education, employment, empowerment and opportunity. In the past, these challenges were often presented as legal and moral imperatives. Today, these challenges represent a new economic dimension vital to the interests of all society. The Foundation is committed to fully prepare ex-offenders to seek and achieve their goals, and become productive members of their community.

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The Foundation is dedicated to facilitating the conversion of these valuable human resources to productive citizens, capable and committed to compete in the emerging global economy. By reducing a multitude of barriers faced by most ex-offenders as they seek to make the best of their second chance, the foundation will provide timely programs and services that ensure their successful re-entry. The standards of such services are to promote gainful and relevant employment, eliminate substance dependency, enhance family reunification, and sustain self-worth.

The benefits to the community are incalculable; and, the most obvious include increased public safety, crime reduction, and the promotion of productive tax-paying citizens.